About Us

Yellow Kiss was started by two sisters, and the sister owned business continues after three sisters, Kristen, Katelyn and Kelsey purchased the Boutique from Kristin Peters to continue to bring quality fashion to the Tri-State area.

The three of us, along with our brother, Eric, were all born here in Quincy. We moved to the small town of Ransom IL in 1990. We all graduated from Dwight High School before moving on to college. For Kristen it was right here at Quincy University. Katelyn and Kelsey both at Aurora University. Kristen moved back to Quincy in 1998. Kelsey moved back to Quincy in 2011. Katelyn moved back to the Quincy area in 2017.

Why buy a boutique? Why not?? No, it’s a fair question… when Kristin Peters announced she was closing the doors to Yellow Kiss, like most, we were super bummed! The 3 of us have been talking for some time about running a business together, to be fair, we assumed it would land in the realm of Platt Daddy BBQ partnering with Kristen’s delicious cheesecakes and Katelyn’s fabulous eye for detail in a wedding venue! But to say that Kristen hasn’t been toying with the specific idea of one day owning a boutique for years would be a lie! With our combined strengths and experience in different areas, we are excited for this next adventure and can’t wait to bring the same sense of style that you all have come to love from YKB!

Get in Touch

We'd love to hear from you. If you have questions, comments, or just want to send a little love, email us at shop@yellowkissboutique.com